Saturday, March 17, 2012

En Plein Air Painting in the Cummer Garden

En plein air (French pronunciation: [ɑ̃ plɛn‿ɛʁ]) is a French expression which means "in the open air", and is particularly used to describe the act of painting outdoors, which is also called peinture sur le motif ("painting on the ground") in French.

Students ages 6 - 12 years old took part in an exciting garden tour then painted plein air, or in open air in the Cummer Museum Garden honoring the annual celebration of Garden Week! What a glorious day it was!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Edition Art for Two: Print Like Our Japanese Friends

Students ages 3 years to 5 years and their adult friends studied the art of ancient Japanese as they visited the Cummer Museum of Art & Garden's current exhibit...

Beyond Ukiyo-e: Japanese Woodblock Prints and their influence on Western Art

Event Details:
December 15, 2011 - August 9, 2012
Location: The Joan Wellhouse and Martin Stein, Sr. Gallery

After a tour of the Japanese Woodblock Prints, students returned to the studio to create prints using modern printmaking materials. In the pictures above you see my Art for Two artists as they create multiple prints of birds seen in the Cummer Garden.