Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Get The Point! Garden Landscape Painting

 Students ages 6 - 12 years came to the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens for a children's monthly art class, Art Adventures. This month we explored the galleries to study landscapes in our collection that showed how artists  created  depth by overlapping.   The students learned about the horizon - where the sky meets the ground and learned the science behind the earths rotation. 

 They also learned about foreground, middle ground, and background in a landscape composition and how artists used aerial perspective to create depth in their paintings.
To experience this first hand, they walked to the back of The Cummer Garden and looked out over the St. Johns river.  Imagining that they were actually in a painting, they stood in the garden (the foreground)  and examined the horizon (the background). 
After a quick study of trees and plants in the garden, they took their newfound knowledge back to the studio to paint their own garden landscape.