Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mix it up!

Art Adventures students learned that printmaking takes on many forms. After viewing  the prints from the Museum’s permanent collection they returned to the studio to do a little “experimenting”  and explored some unique forms of printmaking. 

Inspiration for this project came from the painting Abstraction by American artist Rolph Scarlett.  Students sat on the floor in the gallery before the painting and used three dimensional forms, creating a variety of compositions for practice.  This allowed the them to work out their ideas before actually making their plate for printmaking.

Once in the studio, students used foam sheets to create their own version of an abstract composition on heavy cardboard.  After a printmaking demonstration made by the museum educator, they used printmaking tools (brayers) to apply printing ink to their plates.  Next, they ran their inked plates with paper on top through the press resulting in beautiful, abstract prints.  Students were encouraged to use a different colors of both ink and papers to achieve a variety of results.

Another successful Saturday Art Adventures class at the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens!

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